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Zoom Teeth Whitening Austin, TX

Brighten Your Smile-With Zoom Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningAt Elite Dentistry in Austin, TX our dentists know everyone feels great and looks great when they have a bright beautiful smile. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can contribute to tooth discoloration and the dulling of your teeth.

Although aging is the most common cause, other habits such as drinking tea and coffee, as well as the smoking or chewing of tobacco can dull or discolor the enamel of your teeth. At our dental office, our specialists also know that sometimes certain antibiotics or even excessive fluoride can alter the color of your teeth.

That is exactly why our skilled dentists in Austin, TX offer professional teeth whitening. Our dentists can improve your smile to look brighter and sparkle with our teeth whitening options, rather than you trying to whiten your teeth at home. In addition to the customary prophylactic cleaning, custom-made bleaching trays, and special agents to bleach and strengthen your teeth, Elite Dentistry also recommends the Zoom Advanced Power bleaching system.

Zoom Advanced Power In-Office bleaching system

The Zoom Advanced Power In-Office bleaching system is a technologically advanced teeth whitening procedure that can significantly whiten your teeth in just one hour. The Zoom Advanced Power process includes a ‘full mouth’ whitening lamp with the application of a light-activated gel on your teeth to achieve stunning results of 6 to 10 shades whiter. It is an ideal option for our dental patients who desire immediate results with just one visit to our Austin, TX dental practice and for those patients who are tired of the high cost of at-home whiteners that are not nearly as effective. The Zoom Advanced Power works in just a fraction of the time that other teeth whitening systems you administer at home require, and is safe, effective, and fast. It is also cost-effective for our dental patients because it lasts much longer than any over-the-counter whiteners in the market today.

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At Elite Dentistry our dentists can offer you the convenience of teeth whitening in the shortest amount of time with the Zoom Advanced Power system in the relaxed setting of our Austin, TX dental office. This method is the perfect choice for busy people who want to enhance their beautiful smile by having the whitest teeth possible without the expensive cost and time-consuming task of using whitening strips and trays at home.

Contact our dental office in Austin today and learn more about this technologically advanced whitening system from one of our specialists. We guarantee you will discover the Zoom Advanced Power whitening system is the most successful and cost-effective method for achieving a brighter smile in only one hour-when administered safely and conveniently by one of our dentists at our Austin, TX dental practice.