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Same-Day Dental Implants Austin, TX

Same-Day Dental Implants At Elite Dentistry

Despite what you think you may know about dental implants and there is a long, drawn-out process, you can now receive your own set of dental implants in just one clinical appointment!

Elite Dentistry of Austin utilizes an enterprising development in the field of dentistry with their practice of a dental procedure called Immediate Function™, an approach that can fortuitously replace deteriorating or missing teeth in just a single day. Our qualified dental technicians have been using this method for years, and very successfully at that. We take the greatest deal in pride knowing that our work here helps to strengthen the confidence and self-worth in each of our clients, and giving them the tooth replacement solution they need in as little as one day is simply what they deserve.

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Same-day dental implants are made possible through the use of our high-resolution 3-Dimensional CT scans and virtual planning software

No matter the circumstance of your current dental situation — whether it be frustration with cumbersome dentures, a desire for a whole set of teeth, or just replacing a single tooth — here at our dental implant center we can get you comfortably smiling with confidence quickly and conveniently.

Unlike the traditional method of having to wait months for your implants to fully heal, which greatly impedes your abilities to eat and speak, this new advancement allows you to have a healthy, natural-looking smile the very same day you walk into our office. With our same-day dental implants, you are given all the benefits of a set of natural teeth, just about as soon as you leave the dental chair. Once fully healed, your teeth will be just as strong—if not stronger—than any natural set of teeth.

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Same-day dental implants are made possible through the use of our high-resolution 3-Dimensional CT scans and virtual planning software. We strategically plan the layout and execution of your dental needs—catered specifically to your circumstance—immediately after the first consultation with one of our dental professionals. Perfectly molded to delicately fit the characteristic contours of your mouth, your prosthetic teeth will be ready as soon as you arrive at Elite Dentistry, and after one, relaxing recline, you walk away with a radiating smile to be shown off.

While other “immediate load / immediate function” dental implant methods require that you wear a set of removable dentures—that is if you’re eligible for their procedure— here at Elite Dentistry, the speed at which you receive your new dental implants do not require any other sacrifice to the permanency and stability of your new teeth. If it sounds too good to be true, set up a consultation and we’ll quickly have you on your way to experiencing lifelong satisfaction with your new smile.

This revolutionary new same-day dental implant technique has been reinforced and proven to be highly beneficial, more so than conventional methods of today. Absolutely no sacrifice is made towards the structural integrity of your jawbone and there is no hassle of removing your dental set in order to clean them with sloppy products or apply any messy adhesives. If you’re looking for a life-changing improvement and a more confident sense of self, set up a consultation with us today and we’ll have you smiling in no time!