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Avoid The 9 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing A Restorative Dentist

Understandably, not all dental procedures and treatments are a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Just as people are unique, so are their dental needs. Having the right dentist is paramount to you having a successful dental treatment. A dental procedure of any kind should always be carefully considered and there are many factors that can help make your decision not only an easier one, but an informed one as well.

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Receiving Dental Procedures At A Corporate Practice

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There are many drawbacks to receiving your dentures, implants, and cosmetic dentistry from a corporate practice- at this type of practice dentists are merely employees and have little incentive to stay at one particular office. Naturally, the turn-over rate will be higher at corporate offices especially when there is little or no incentive for the dentists to stay. For the patient, this means that the dentist they may initially see may not be there for their next visit. Even when dentists is shareholders at a corporate practice, they can easily sell their shares and leave the practice, without ever looking back.

Another ‘downside’ to a corporate environment is their supporting administrative staff and management fees. These are a financial burden, which generally reflects on the patient. These fees make it nearly impossible for them to offer their patients lower more affordable prices

Corporate and franchise offices are generally owned by shareholders whose primary focus is solely on profitability

Employees of corporate and franchise offices are sometimes offered financial incentives to perform certain procedures which can create bias in treatment recommendations

One of the most unfavorable aspects of corporate practice is that they are often designed to provide specific procedures to their patients. This means when you visit one of these offices you might not be offered all the available treatments, but only those which they are set up to deliver.

At Elite Dentistry our dentists are only too happy to explain all the available treatment options we offer, including alternatives to cosmetic procedures. Our dental practice was designed to be all inclusive- we have specialists on site who are highly qualified to perform many types of dental procedures and our in-house lab enables us to pass the savings on to our patients. We accept most insurance carriers and to alleviate the stress of filling out the paperwork, we’ll do it for you and file your claim too! We additionally offer payment plans through a third party company making any type of procedure you need affordable with low monthly payments.

So…ask yourself which dental provider would place your needs first and benefit you the most for any dental procedure or treatment you are considering.

The level of care you deserve

You should be completely comfortable and confident in the dentist you choose, as well as with their staff and the office environment. The dental provider you chose should offer you the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with the dentist so you can have your questions answered, express your concerns, and have the procedure explained thoroughly to you in detail. You should never proceed with any dental procedure you don’t feel comfortable or confident having- meaning all your questions should be answered, you should feel confident in your dentist’s abilities, and also feel comfortable with the surroundings where your dental procedure will be performed.

At Elite Dentistry we begin with a consultation appointment where we spend the necessary time to get to know you, your needs, and your concerns. It is at this consultation you will have your dentist’s undivided attention in one of our private consultation rooms. There is nothing worse than a dentist who rushes in and out of the room during a consultation. Meeting a patient in this manner conveys a negative message about patient care than the dentist who spends time talking to the patient about his or her condition and concerns. You will want to choose a dentist who is sincerely interested in you and your overall goals-only then will you receive the quality patient care you need and deserve.

So….When you are thinking of having a dental procedure….ask if they offer an initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns.

Upon learning of your dentist’s qualifications you need to ask yourself…which one would you rather have performed your dental procedure? Corporate / Franchise Or a Highly Skilled Local Dentist?

The qualifications of your dentist

There are two very distinct ways dentists learn advanced restorative procedures-those who have three years of post-graduate training, or those who take courses over a few weekends time. And then, of course, there are those dentists who have no additional training.

Upon learning of your dentist’s qualifications you need to ask yourself…which one would you rather have performed your dental procedure?

Post-graduate training is much more extensive than a weekend course and post-graduate training not only gives a dentist the experience and expertise they’ll need to prevent common mistakes, but it also helps them perform dental procedures with a higher degree of efficiency and competency. Additionally, many dentists who pay for weekend courses can simply attain a certificate for the completion of the course. Unfortunately, a certificate does not guarantee a dentist has mastered the techniques and possesses the knowledge to perform advanced restorative procedures-unlike a dentist who has participated in post-graduate courses, which are regulated by the highest standards of specialty boards, and who specializes in restorative procedures.

So… ask about the dentist’s background you choose and their qualifications….is he just a general dentist or a specialist who performs restorative procedures?

Where your restorations are made and with what materials are they comprised?

Almost all dental offices have their restorations made at an outside laboratory. Unfortunately, this results in little or no supervision during the creation of the restoration and in many cases, they can even end up being fabricated in China or Mexico. Generally, restorations made in other countries are created with minimal direction and regulation by unskilled laborers. Dentists who outsource the work for restorations cannot say with certainty what materials those restorations are made of and what, if any, toxic and harmful side effects may occur. At Elite Dentistry, our on-site dental laboratory is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment which many commercial dental laboratories would certainly envy. Our dental technicians are true artists in their own right. With years of experience and continuous training, they are some of the best dental laboratory technicians in the Austin area. Their presence at our office allows for quality customized restorations to be made for you on our premises, including precise custom shading.

So….if you are having a restorative procedure, you will need to ask where the restorations are made. You will want a dental practice that creates restorations on their premises where your work is done so your specialist will have control over every aspect of your procedure from beginning to end.

Sedation options offered

Millions of people have a fear of going to the dentist. Some people actually never seek the dental care they need, and others stop going altogether because of an unpleasant experience they have had in the past. Sitting in a dental chair for hours can be stressful to say the least- that is why we offer sedation options to achieve the most relaxing and comfortable experience for all our patients. Our dentists are experienced in administering all levels of sedation– from light nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to oral and IV sedation and can help you choose the best option to suit both your physical and emotional needs during your procedure.

So…You will want to be knowledgeable about all the forms of sedation offered, along with the safety for administering each one.

The latest technology used in our dental treatments

Our dental procedures are performed with the latest state-of-the-art technological advancements in the dentistry profession. Our dentists are not just merely dentists; they are specialists who are recognized by the American Dental Association. Our dental practice is also committed to investing in, and utilizing, the most advanced technology in every aspect relating to your chosen dental procedure.

So…You will want to know what type of equipment and materials will be used in creating your restorations…is the latest technology used in performing your dental procedures?

Financial arrangements and payment policies

Many dental offices provide limited options in making your treatment affordable. Dental treatment is a worthwhile investment in an individual’s overall health and well-being. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle in attaining this important health service. Being sensitive to the fact that people have different needs and circumstances in fulfilling their financial obligations, we provide a number of financial arrangement options.

The cost of any dental treatments or procedures we provide will always be privately discussed in detail with you, along with your payment options, during your initial consultation so there will never be any surprises when your procedure begins.

To ensure you are able to receive the oral health care you need we offer the following payment options:

We accept most carriers of dental insurances, and in our effort to alleviate the stress out of filling out insurance forms, we file the insurance paperwork on your behalf.
Because of our expertise in being able to provide treatments efficiently and having an on-site lab we are able to offer lower prices. With the combination of excellent dentistry and low prices, you receive unbeatable value.
Our goal is not to let the expense of your dental procedure prevent you from benefiting from the quality of care you desire and need. To facilitate this goal, we offer our patients a variety of financial options.
We Accept: -Cash -Check -All major credit cards -We also offer patient financing on approved credit with up to 12 months of interest-free payments or extended low-interest payment plans.

So…you will want to ask exactly what your options are for payment before you agree to and begin any dental procedure and understand what the final cost will be.

Appointment flexibility

Many dental offices are open only on certain days and with limited hours. We provide flexible appointments by being open from 7 am to 7 pm. We have a tranquil and inviting reception area, with comfortable seating. We understand our patient’s time is valuable and strive to make appointments that are convenient. Upon your arrival for your scheduled time, we do our very best to see each patient within five minutes after they check-in at reception.

So…considering the busy life you lead- you will want to know the hours of your dental office, as well as the flexibility, in scheduling appointments at your convenience.

Elite Dentistry stands by every treatment we provide

In many cases, patients receive restorations they are not completely satisfied with or have problems with shortly after the completion of their procedure. At Elite Dentistry, our patient’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we are confident about the treatments we provide. To ensure your satisfaction we have a 100% money-back promise policy and offer warranties on restorative treatments.

So…You will want to have confirmation that your satisfaction is a priority and that your specialist stands behind his work providing warranties on your restorations.