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Same-Day Dental Crowns in Austin

Same-Day Dental Crowns @ Elite Dentistry, Austin

An average human uses his/her teeth only 20 minutes in a day of 24 hours while eating. Yet, one single tooth, decayed or broken or chipped has the capacity to upset his/her schedule for days together.

This is true! The tooth is an extension of the bone and despite being so strong, it is also extremely sensitive – so sensitive that it can detect a sand grain or grit, 10 microns in diameter. For the sake of clarity, 1 micron is 1 in 25,000 of an inch. This happens because every tooth structure also has an intricate network of nerves. This is also precisely the reason why a small pain in the tooth is distressing and causes side effects like headaches.

Unfortunately, we also live at an age, where a well-intentioned morning diet of a handful of almonds can prove fatal with tooth cracking or chipping, owing to weakening of the tooth structure, gum diseases, or already-existing tooth decay. These days people are on such a high-sugar diet that they can never be sure about the damage that can surface suddenly. But does this mean that there is no escape from the pain and suffering? Come to Elite Dentistry and put your toothache and suffering to an end in a single visit with our latest procedure called ‘Immediate FunctionTM’! Let us help you alleviate your pain and treat your tooth immediately!

We will check your tooth condition and ascertain the treatment procedure for you. If it requires a crown, we will also brief you about the various varieties of crowns available and you can choose the one that fits you best as per your lifestyle and affordability. We will start by cleaning any infection caused by your decayed/chipped/broken tooth. Then we will have to prep it by filing the tooth in such a way that it can hold up a crown.

You can choose from a variety of crowns – You can go for a conservative metal crown, which is made of metal alloys like gold or silver. You can also go for Porcelain-fused metal alloys, where you will have the porcelain coating over the metal alloy, which would give the natural look, but metallic feel. Finally, you also have the option to go for metal-free crowns, which are made from materials like leucite, zirconia, porcelain, and alumina. These crowns are the most popular these days as they not only match up to the natural color of the teeth but also feel like them.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

We will put you through a short oral 3-Dimensional CT scan, where will create impressions and measurements of your crown to be made. These images will be downloaded into our world-class 3-Shape Software that in turn will create 3-Dimensional models of the crown to utmost perfection. This is a very versatile software package that not only designs the crown in minutes but also works with our technologically advanced, latest Armann Girrbach milling machine and aids in the manufacture of the crowns. So while you are waiting, your crown is ready at our hi-tech, onsite lab and you can have it fitted on the same day.

When crowns are scanned by Dentists manually and sent to labs offsite, there can be an element of human error in the way these impressions are created, and the calculations are made. However, automating this whole process eliminates any such possibilities of human error and ensures a defect-free dental crown, which not only saves the time and cost for our patients but works substantially faster in relieving them of their pain and restoration of their tooth.

This revolutionary new same-day dental crown is a highly beneficial technique where there is no compromise on the structural integrity of the bone or uses messy adhesives or needs repetitive visits for swapping between temporary and permanent crowns. You walk in and walk out, fully prepared to face the world with a renewed sense of confidence!