What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants in Austin TX ranges from $1100 to $1300. There are additional charges of $1000 to $1500 for the abutment and crown for an average total cost of cost of $2100 to $2800.00. However, the full cost at Elite Dentistry in $1995.00.

Elite Dentistry has provided low cost dental implant to thousands of patients to help restore beautiful smiles. If you have the misfortune of damaged, decaying or missing teeth Elite Dentistry can help you. See our dental implant prices below. We have lowered our prices to help you. Call today for a free consultation.


Dr. Le is an expert implant dentist an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, a member of the Accredited Member of Academy of Osseointegration. Dr. Le feels that it is his passion to stay ahead of technology and modern techniques in dentistry to provide better care to his patients.

Dr. Le has performed thousands of dental implant procedures over the years. His continued dedication to the highest standards of quality and care guarantees the safety and satisfaction of our clients from beginning to end.







Patient Review

The office is attractive, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Dentist is very attentive and places your comfort first. As someone with a fear of all things dental I highly recommend this office. I drive a little longer than most places however, it’s worth it for the services I receive.

icon 5 out of 5 stars by Angeli Geissberger

The entire process only took three days which includes the free consultation Exam & XRays. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Le and his staff. I've regained my self esteem and confidence.


Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day

  • Won't be without teeth after extractions
  • Immediate placement of dental implants
  • No need to wear temporary appliances
  • The Implant . Abutment . Crown is Included

Cost of our Dental Implants

Free Exam & X-ray* That’s a value of $200!

All-on-4 Dental Implant Deal: Only $13,775 per Arch

Single Dental Implant for First Time Customers! Only $1,995 Ea

The Implant . Abutment . Crown is Included


Dental Implants : $58.00 / Month

All on 4 Dental Implants : $405.00 / Month

New patients only. Not to be combined with any other offers or insurance.


Dental implants can be an excellent solution for many who suffer from missing teeth, but the enduring quality and satisfaction of your dental implants relies on the skill and care that goes into your implantation and treatment plan. At Elite Dentistry, our experienced dental experts carefully consider the materials, professionals, and treatment plans used during and after your procedure.


While quality and client satisfaction are our highest priorities, our commitment to client care includes making sure our dental implants are affordable. We offer flexible payment plan options so that you receive the quality care you need and deserve regardless of budget.


Elite Dentistry uses advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure the safest, smoothest dental implant procedure possible. Advancements in the dental implant industry allow a seamless completion of your dental implants and shortened recovery time, saving you both money and time..


Our office seeks to create an inviting, comfortable, and informative environment for you the moment you walk through the door. We are glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure or treatment plan. We discuss all payment options with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At Elite Dentistry, our experienced dental experts carefully consider the materials and treatment plans used during and after your procedure. Our highly trained staff and skilled prosthodontist, Dr. Le, employ the highest quality materials and advanced technology to tailor and implement your unique treatment plan.

With proper materials, procedure, and care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration of dealing with an unqualified dentist. Trust your dental implants to the experience, knowledge, and care of Elite Dentistry. We look forward to helping you!le

** On Approved Credit

** If no Grafting Or Procedures Are Needed To Complete The Case

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review 6

Dr. Le and the entire staff at Elite Dentistry are fantastic. I was recently told by another dentist that I needed to have two crowns replaced with dental implants. After reading so many great reviews online (including my insurance's website), I went to see Dr. Le. After a comprehensive analysis, Dr. Le explained that we could replace my current crowns and keep my natural teeth, which is always the ultimate goal.

star star star star star

Kim Rozsa
review 5

Elite Dentistry is a fantastic dental clinic that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Their service is outstanding and the staff is superb. The work they perform is life changing. If you want a dentist who is passionate about what they do, competitive in price, and who doesn't skip quality this is your place. If you take the opportunity visit Elite Dentistry you will be impressed.

star star star star star

Donald Denson
reviews 3

I just had my first consult with Dr. Michael Le. Very friendly staff. If you are cold in his office be sure ask for a blanket. It was warm, soft and comfortable. Looking forward to following my treatment plan. Thank you Elite Dentistry for accepting me as a new patient. It is nice to have a great dentist close to home.

star star star star star

Connie Plower
reviews 2

The name says it all. Elite Dentistry truly is the most Elite dentist office in Austin, and the best that I've ever been too. The staff is amazing and super courteous,prices are insanely fair and competitive, and Dr. Bowser is the only dentist I trust with my teeth. If you need a new dentist or a change from your current, DEFINITELY use Elite Dentistry!

star star star star star

Will Bourland
review 1

I’ve never been one to enjoy going to the dentist but I had such an awesome experience with Dr. Michael Le!! He is super easy to talk to and doesn’t pressure you/ make you feel awkward! So happy I found Elite Dentistry. :)

star star star star star

Emily Grace
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