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Everyone at Elite Dentistry is super friendly, non-judgmental and helpful. I had major dental surgery (extractions, implant placements, bone grafts, etc) under Dr. Karr’s expertise and, to my disbelief, I had very little to no pain after the complex work was performed. For the first time in years, I have not had a toothache, which I used to experience daily, and I can smile confidently knowing I made the right choice with Elite Dentistry. My self-esteem has been restored and I feel like a brand new person all thanks to Dr. Karr and the technicians and office staff who configured a treatment plan that was right for me. I went to a couple of other dentists before Elite who wanted to charge double what I was quoted here. I still have another round of surgery, but I’m not nervous at all – in fact, I’m excited!

I would highly recommend Elite to all of my friends and family. If you need a check up, light dental work or major dental work, give Elite Dentistry a try. They offer great service, affordable pricing and amazing results – all at the same office!

5/5 Stars      
Well, I reserve a five star rating for hotels and restaurants, never dental offices. That said, IF I have to go to a dentist, then Dr.Kaar is my choice of all the little shops of horror. I’ve been in dental chairs more than I’ve been out of them. The most grueling was a 7 hour periodontal procedure that left the dentist even more worn out than I.
A year later I was told that the expensive/horrific surgery hadn’t done much to improve the condition of my gum disease. Several years later I would have to face the grim facts. Dental Implants. I went and wrote a $1000.00 downpayment to the one often advertised on TV.
I felt pressured to make a monumental decision on the spot. After I returned home I started my own research. Dr. Kaar’s credendials couldn’t be matched when it came to prosthdontics. I called the other dental implant office and asked them to put my check and decision on hold. I made an appointment to check out Elite Denistry.
I walked into a small,no frills office in South Austin and wondered if I had the right address. Two women who were behind the front desk were laughing and both congratulating me for not getting lost. Sheila took me back to a room and whispered, “don’t let Dr.Kaar scare you, he’s shy and is obsessed with his work.”
When my xrays/cat- scan were finished I knew I was where I needed to be. My teeth are fabulous. My gum disease is behind me. There were stages and appointments made to insure everything was perfect. I wanted to speed up the process, but quickly learned this doctor had every tooth on the line regarding his reputation and wouldn’t compromise. His very skilled tech,Jeanette, would talk me down off the ledge when I came back to take MORE measurements and follow-up check-ups. Hope this helps. I believe Dr. Kaar is flat-out the best. Peace.


5/5 Stars