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Clear Invisalign Braces® Treatment In Austin
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Convenient Clear Invisible Braces In Austin, Texas

At Elite Dentistry in Austin, TX, our dentists take a modern and revolutionary approach to straightening your teeth. Our clear invisible braces allow our dental patients to correct overcrowding, gaps, overbites, under bites, and any other alignment issues with your teeth. More comfortable than the traditional metal wire and bracket braces, our invisible braces use a series of clear removable aligners for a more comfortable and manageable custom fit.

One of the greatest advantages of wearing invisible braces provided by our dental practice in Austin is that they are virtually invisible when placed on the teeth. These ‘invisible’ braces are made from a revolutionary plastic that is durable and appears clear when positioned on the teeth-which means no one will even know you are wearing them! This is of great benefit to those dental patients who feel somewhat embarrassed or uncomfortable wearing braces at an older age. Invisible braces are also easily removed for cleaning, and unlike traditional braces, you can continue your normal eating, brushing, and flossing habits.

Wearing invisible braces is one of the easiest, nonintrusive, and discreet solutions to correcting alignment issues and straightening the teeth. Yet, it also provides both health and cosmetic benefits. Our skilled dentists will not only tell you that in addition to achieving straighter teeth and beautiful smile, invisible braces are also important to your overall general health. Straight, evenly spaced teeth are simply much easier to clean; they also allow you to chew more efficiently -which in turn reduces stress on the bones and tissues in your mouth.

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Patient Review

My visits here so far have been really pleasant and the staff is really organized. Dr. Le was great and personally reached out to me after a treatment to follow up. Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a dentist.


5 out of 5 stars by Sriram Prasad Rajagopal

The whole process was smooth which includes free consultation. I am very grateful to Dr. Lee and his entire staff. I’ve regained my self-esteem and confidence.

Benefits Of Invisalign

Additional benefits to using clear invisible braces offered at our Austin, TX dental office is the cost and the duration of treatment. Generally speaking, invisible braces are less expensive than the cost of traditional metal wire braces. However, the cost and time frame for every patient will be different as it will depend on the recommendations of their specialist according to the extent of their orthodontic problems. As an alternative to traditional braces, clear invisible braces also have a comparable treatment time. In many cases, the time frame for wearing invisible braces varies from only a few months to 18 months.

Having a beautiful smile with straight teeth makes a good impression and makes you feel great every time you look in the mirror- learn more about what having invisible braces can do for you! Contact our dental office in Austin, TX today and one of our specialists will be more than happy to discuss whether invisible braces are the right choice for you and the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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