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Dental Implants in Austin TX

Avoid The 11 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing an Implant Dentist

1. Choosing the right implant dentist

In choosing the right dental practice for your implants you will need to consider a few things, especially when your goal is to have a successful dental implant procedure performed by a qualified dentist. This will not only ensure you have a successful procedure tailored toward your personal needs, but that the implants themselves are of the highest quality. Keeping the following questions in mind will help you make the best possible choice when you need dental implants.

2. Is your dentist part of a private practice, a franchise, or a multiple office corporation?

Dental implant treatment at a corporate practice-

There are many drawbacks to receiving your implants from a corporate practice- at this type of practice dentists are merely employees and have little incentive to stay at one particular office. Naturally the turn-over rate will be higher at corporate offices, especially when there is little or no incentive for the doctor to stay. For the patient, this means that the dentist they may initially see may not be there for their next visit. Even when dentists are shareholders at a corporate practice, they can easily sell their shares and leave the practice, without ever looking back.

Another ‘downside’ to having your treatment at a corporate environment is their supporting administrative staff and management fees. These are a financial burden which will reflect on the patient. These fees make it nearly impossible for them to offer their patients lower more affordable prices
Corporate and franchise offices are generally owned by shareholders whose primary focus in solely on profitability

Employees of corporate and franchise offices are sometimes offered financial incentives to perform certain procedures which can create bias in treatment recommendations

One of the most unfavourable aspects of a corporate practice is that they are often designed to provide specific treatments to their patients. This means when you visit one of these offices you might not be offered all the available treatments, but only those which they are set-up to deliver. The options they offer may not include alternative treatments to having an implant procedure.

At Elite Dentistry our dentists are only too happy to explain all the available treatment options we offer, including alternatives to implants. Our dental practice was designed to be all inclusive- we have specialists on site who are highly qualified to perform many types of dental procedures and our in-house lab enables us to pass the savings on to our patients. We accept most insurance carriers and to alleviate the stress of filling out the paperwork, we’ll do it for you and file your claim too! We additionally offer payment plans through a third party company making any type of procedure you need affordable with low monthly payments.

So…You’ll need to ask what type of dental practice your dentist belongs to and where they exclusively practice.

3. Does your dentist specialize in Implant dentistry?

Unfortunately you need to beware of dentists who call themselves ‘specialists’ yet…are anything but. The only ‘specialty’ recognized by the American Dental Association that deals with restoring dental implants and placement of implants is the specialty of “Prosthodontics”. Other so-called specialists are not legitimately recognized specialties. “Cosmetic Dentist”, “implantologist”, “implant specialist” or any other such titles are not specialties which are recognized by the American Dental Association. At Elite Dentistry, Dr. Kaar is a Prosthodontist; and Prosthodontics is a recognized specialty-it is the only specialty that deals with implant restorations. There are two other recognized specialties of “periodontics” and “oral surgery”, which deal solely with the surgical aspects of implant treatment- not the restorative aspect. As a result of choosing one of these specialities, you will still need to see another dentist for the restorative phase.

So…You’ll need to ask if your dentist practices only general dentistry or does your dentist specialize in implant procedures?

4. What specialized training has your dentist received?

Many times a dentist will simply participate in a few weekend courses, or an implant company sponsored course as training for performing implant dentistry on a patient. This should never be considered sufficient training for a patient who wants a successful dental implant procedure. At Elite Dentistry, Dr. Kaar has undergone 3 years of extensive training after graduating from dental school to become a Prosthodontist. Unfortunately, less than 2% of all dentists are Prosthodontists and only 0.5% are board certified. Although many dentists have a sincere desire to help their patients in this area of dentistry, the fact is that implant dentistry was not a part of the dental school curriculum for a vast majority of dentists in practice today. This lack of knowledge and experience in this area of dentistry typically results in many dental implant mistakes, undeniably at the expense of the patient. Only recently have dental schools begun to incorporate training in implants as part of their curriculum. Even in their efforts to include implants in their course material, many schools are finding that they are faced with a curriculum that is already much too extensive, resulting in a quandary over what material to reduce in order to adequately cover Implant Dentistry.

So…You’ll need to ask what type of special training has your dentists attained that makes him qualified to perform a dental implant procedure.

5. Will my entire procedure be performed by the same dentist at the same place?

At Elite Dentistry the same dentist will perform your preventative, restorative, or cosmetic procedure in the same place-we know how easy miscommunication can happen when you have to deal with different dentists during your procedure, especially between the surgical and restorative phases. Having the same dentist perform your procedure at one dental practice also saves our patients the inconvenience of travelling back and forth between different offices.

So…You’ll need to ask if only one dentist will be performing your procedure and if the procedure will be completed in one location from beginning to end.

6. Does your dental office offer a variety of sedation options?

Millions of people have a fear of going to the dentist. Some people actually never seek the dental care they need and others stop going altogether because of an unpleasant experience they have had in the past. What many of these people don’t realize is…not receiving the proper dental care can put your overall health and well-being at risk. At Elite Dentistry, we understand that sitting in a dentist chair can be a stressful experience for our patients. We offer a variety of sedation methods for your procedure- from light nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to oral and IV sedation. This allows our specialist to perform your procedure with optimal comfort to the patient.

So…You will want to ask about all the forms of sedation offered, along with the safety for administering each one

7. Are the implants you will be receiving based on quality or cost?

Although having an implant procedure at a cheaper price may seem tempting, it is a risk you will undoubtedly regret taking. Instead, carefully take the time to choose a dentist who specializes in implants and whose only goal is to provide you with quality care and personalized services which focus on your needs and wishes. The ‘right’ dentist will take the time to discuss your options according to your needs and develop a treatment plan that will meet your goals and your budget. The ‘wrong’ dentist will tell you how inexpensive your implants will be; but will fail to mention the quality of the implants, as well as their profitability in offering you a cheap ‘marked up’ implant for your procedure.

So… Ask yourself if your dentist can provide you with implants that combine superior quality with affordable prices.

8.Does your dentist understand the different types of implants, and will he choose a specific implant that will best suit your needs?

Unfortunately, many dentists are not trained in more than one area specific implant system. Having a dentist with limited expertise in dental implants may not be the ideal choice for your situation. At Elite Dentistry, our specialist is knowledgeable and works with a number of different implant systems and will help you choose one that is personalized to your specific needs.

So…You’ll need to ask your dentist if his speciality lies with only one implant system or a number of systems so you will have the option of choosing the best one to suit your needs.

9. Does your dentist have a full service dental laboratory in his office or will he be outsourcing your case to an outside dental laboratory for the fabrication of your restorations?

There is nothing more reassuring to a dental patient than knowing your implant specialist will perform your procedure in the same office where your restoration will be created. Clear communication between the two is paramount to your procedure being a success. At Elite Dentistry we have a full service dental lab on our premises equipped with state-of-the-art dentistry equipment, so your work is completed under the control and supervision of your implant specialist. Other dental offices will generally have your restoration created at an outside laboratory. Unfortunately, this results in little or no supervision during the creation of the restoration and in many cases, they can even end up being fabricated in China or Mexico. Having the fabrication of your restorations outsourced can lead to poor quality, as well as questionable materials used in the process. So…You’ll need to ask where your restoration will be made and make certain they are created in an in-house lab on the premises of your dentist’s office.

10. Is implant dentistry a routine procedure for your dentist?

Your dentist’s office should be set up to routinely perform implant procedures- if it is not, your dentist won’t be able to effectively perform implant procedures. Unlike many of the other dental practices, Elite Dentistry has an implant specialist on site, which enables our dental practice to routinely provide implant dentistry, as well as many other restorative procedures on a regular basis.

So…you will need to ask if your dentist’s office is set up to routinely perform implant dentistry and how are they equipped to do so.

11. Does the dental office stand behind the treatments they provide and procedures they perform?

Often, patients receive restorations they are not completely satisfied with or tend to have problems shortly after completion. At Elite Dentistry we are so confident in the dental services we provide, we have a 100% money back promise policy and offer warranties on all restorative treatments.

So…You will want to have confirmation that your satisfaction is a priority and ask if your specialist stands behind his work providing warranties on your restorations.

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