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Avoid The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Getting a Denture

1. Is your dentist a specialist in dentures?

Unfortunately, not all dentists  specialize in dentures. At Elite Dentistry, Dr. Le has had any years of experience providing patients with quality dentures.  Elite Dentistry has a full service dental lab on site.

2. What training has your dentist received?

Although many dentists have a sincere desire to help their patients in this specific area of dentistry; the fact is, many dentures end up looking fake in appearance or even fail to fit the patient properly. This is a direct result of the many dental students graduating from dental schools who never gain the experience of even treating just one denture patient.

So…be sure and ask about the dentist you choose about their qualifications….is he just a general dentist or specialist in performing denture procedures?

3. Are you getting a high level of care?

You should be completely comfortable and confident in the dentist you choose for your denture procedure, as well as with their staff and the office environment. The dental provider you chose should offer you the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with the dentist so you can have your questions answered, express your concerns, and have the procedure explained thoroughly to you in detail.

At Elite Dentistry we begin with a consultation appointment where we spend the necessary time to get to know you, your needs, and your concerns. It is at this consultation you will have your dentist’s undivided attention in one of our private consultation rooms. There is nothing worse than a dentist who rushes in and out of the room during a consultation. Meeting a patient in this manner conveys a negative message about patient care than the dentist who spends time talking to the patient about his or her condition and concerns. You will want to choose a dentist who is sincerely interested in you and your overall goals-only then will you receive the quality patient care you need and deserve.

So….When you are considering dentures….ask if the dental provider offers an initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns

4. Does your dentist have a full service dental laboratory in his office or will he be outsourcing your case to another dental laboratory for the fabrication of your dentures?

There is nothing more reassuring to a dental patient than knowing your denture specialist will perform your procedure in the same office where your custom dentures will be created. Clear communication between the two is paramount to your procedure being a success. At Elite Dentistry we have a full service dental lab on our premises equipped with state-of-the-art dentistry equipment, so the entire procedure is completed under the control and supervision of your denture specialist. Our dental technicians are artists in their own right. With years of experience and continuous training, they are some of the best dental laboratory technicians in the area. Their presence at our office allows for customized dentures to be made for you, including precise custom shading.

So…You’ll need to ask if your dentures will be made in an in-house lab on the premises of your dentist’s office or at another location.

5. Are the dentures you will be receiving based on quality or cost?

Although receiving dentures from a dentist at a cheaper price may seem tempting, it is a risk you will undoubtedly regret taking. Instead, carefully take the time to choose a dentist who specializes in custom dentures and whose only goal is to provide you with quality care and personalized services which focus on your needs and wishes. The ‘right’ dentist will take the time to discuss your options according to your needs and develop a treatment plan that will meet your goals and enhance your oral health and overall well -being. At Elite Dentistry we make our dentures with Ivocap system creating longer lasting dentures with better fit and incorporate Ivoclar premium teeth to achieve optimal resistance with more natural looking results. Even though cheaper dentures might be available from an outside laboratory, you will want to choose a dentist office that creates custom dentures in an on-site laboratory. This will not only decrease the cost to the patient, but ensure you receive quality dentures.

So…Ask yourself if your dentist can provide you with custom dentures created on site that combine superior quality with affordable prices.

6. Are dentures a routine procedure for your dentist?

Your dentist’s office should be set up to routinely perform denture procedures- if it is not, your dentist won’t be able to effectively perform the denture procedure you need. Unlike many of the other dental practices, Elite Dentistry is a full service dental practice that not only has a denture specialist on site, but a state-of-the-art equipped laboratory on our premises. This enables our dental practice to routinely provide custom dentures, as well as many other restorative procedures on a regular basis.

So…you will need to ask if your dentist’s office is set up to routinely perform denture procedures and how are they equipped to do so.

7. Does your dental office offer a variety of sedation options?

Millions of people have a fear of going to the dentist. Some people actually never seek the dental care they need and others stop going altogether because of an unpleasant experience they have had in the past. What many of these people don’t realize is…not receiving the proper dental care can put your overall health and well-being at risk. At Elite dentistry, we understand that sitting in a dentist chair can be a stressful experience for our patients. We offer a variety of sedation methods for such as oral and IV sedation. This allows our specialist to perform your procedure with optimal comfort to the patient.

So…You will want to ask about all the forms of sedation offered, along with the safety for administering each one

8. Does your dental office offer financial arrangements and payment polices

Unfortunately, many dental offices provide limited options in making your treatment affordable. Cosmetic dentistry is a worthwhile investment in an individual’s overall well being. Financial considerations should never be an obstacle to obtaining this important health service. Being sensitive to the fact that people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations, we provide a number of financial arrangement options.

The cost of any dental treatments or procedures we provide will always be privately discussed in detail with you, along with your payment options, during your initial consultation so there will never be any surprises when your procedure begins.

1-We accept most kinds of dental insurance carriers, and in our effort to alleviate the stress out of filling out insurance forms, we file the insurance paperwork on your behalf.

2-Because of our expertise in being able to provide treatments efficiently and having on-site lab we are able to offer lower prices. With the combination of excellent dentistry and low prices, you receive unbeatable value.

3- Our goal is not to let the expense of your dental procedure prevent you from benefiting from the quality of care you desire and need. To facilitate this goal, we offer our patients a variety of financial options.

We Accept: -Cash -Check -All major credit cards -We also offer patient financing on approved credit with up to 12 months interest free payments or extended low interest payment plans.

So…you will want to know exactly what your options are for payment before you agree to and begin any denture procedure and what the final cost to you will be.

9. Are flexible appointments available?

Many dental offices are open only on certain days and with limited hours. We provide flexible appointments by being open from 7 am to 7 pm. We have a tranquil and inviting reception area, with comfortable seating. We understand our patient’s time is valuable and strive to make appointments that are convenient. Upon your arrival for your scheduled time, we do our very best to see each patient within five minutes after they check in at reception. In fact, in many cases, our patients can receive dentures in just one day.

So…considering the busy life you lead- you will want to know the hours of your dental office, as well as the flexibility is scheduling appointments at your convenience.

10. Does the dental office stand behind the treatments they provide and procedures they perform?

Often, patients receive restorations that they are not completely satisfied with or tend to have problems shortly after completion. At Elite Dentistry we are so confident in the dental services we provide, we have a 100% money back promise policy and offer warranties on all restorative treatments

So…You will want to have confirmation that your satisfaction is a priority and ask if your specialist stands behind his work providing warranties on your restorations.


review 6

Dr. Le and the entire staff at Elite Dentistry are fantastic. I was recently told by another dentist that I needed to have two crowns replaced with dental implants. After reading so many great reviews online (including my insurance's website), I went to see Dr. Le. After a comprehensive analysis, Dr. Le explained that we could replace my current crowns and keep my natural teeth, which is always the ultimate goal.

star star star star star

Kim Rozsa
review 5

Elite Dentistry is a fantastic dental clinic that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Their service is outstanding and the staff is superb. The work they perform is life changing. If you want a dentist who is passionate about what they do, competitive in price, and who doesn't skip quality this is your place. If you take the opportunity visit Elite Dentistry you will be impressed.

star star star star star

Donald Denson
reviews 3

I just had my first consult with Dr. Michael Le. Very friendly staff. If you are cold in his office be sure ask for a blanket. It was warm, soft and comfortable. Looking forward to following my treatment plan. Thank you Elite Dentistry for accepting me as a new patient. It is nice to have a great dentist close to home.

star star star star star

Connie Plower
reviews 2

The name says it all. Elite Dentistry truly is the most Elite dentist office in Austin, and the best that I've ever been too. The staff is amazing and super courteous,prices are insanely fair and competitive, and Dr. Bowser is the only dentist I trust with my teeth. If you need a new dentist or a change from your current, DEFINITELY use Elite Dentistry!

star star star star star

Will Bourland
review 1

I’ve never been one to enjoy going to the dentist but I had such an awesome experience with Dr. Michael Le!! He is super easy to talk to and doesn’t pressure you/ make you feel awkward! So happy I found Elite Dentistry. :)

star star star star star

Emily Grace
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