Dental Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Austin, CA

Tooth Extraction

A tooth may need to be extracted for a number of reasons, including to make room for a dental implant, to remove a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond repair, or to make room for surrounding teeth. When teeth decay severely or abscess to the point that infection threatens to spread to other areas of the mouth, a tooth extraction may be required. In this case, a dental implant may be used to replace the missing tooth, improving one’s appearance, dental function and overall oral health. In some cases, extractions are done as a preventive measure, such as in the case of a wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth are generally unnecessary for proper chewing and can threaten to crowd surrounding teeth in the mouth, which is why this common procedure is often performed as wisdom teeth begin to break through the gum line.

What is involved in the process of tooth extraction?

Before a tooth is extracted, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the tooth, gums and surrounding area. If multiple teeth must be removed or if the patient is extremely nervous about his or her procedure, a general anesthetic may be given, allowing the patient to sleep through the surgery without any pain or anxiety.

After a tooth extraction, cotton gauze pads are placed in the mouth to stem the bleeding. Stitches may also be required to stop the bleeding. Some stitches dissolve on their own, while others should be professionally removed after recovery.

If needed, an implant, denture, or dental bridge may be used to fill the gap left by the extracted tooth.

What is involved in recovery?

The recovery period for tooth extraction typically lasts no longer than a few days. Some swelling and bleeding may occur during the recovery process, but proper post-op care should help speed up the process and prevent problems after surgery.

Here are a few tips you should follow after a tooth extraction:

Reduce pain and swelling with ibuprofen or similar medicines as prescribed.

Keeping a cold compress applied to the outside of the mouth to numb the site and reduce swelling.

Change gauze pads regularly.

24 hours after your extraction, warm salt water may be used to rinse the mouth, which helps reduce swelling and pain.

Only eat soft foods in the early phases of your recovery. Solid foods may be gradually reintroduced after the site of tooth extraction has sufficiently healed.

Avoid exercise, as physical strain can increase bleeding.

Keep your head elevated. Lying flat may increase bleeding.

Avoid sucking motions, such as using a straw, as it can agitate sensitive regions in the mouth and cause dry socket.>

Avoid smoking or use of tobacco, as both can dislodge blood clots, prolong bleeding, and reduce one’s ability to fight infections.

When brushing and flossing teeth, do so carefully, especially in the days right after your surgery to avoid risk of infection.

At Elite Dentistry, our dental professionals are fully equipped to handle all range of dental extractions with the utmost in quality and care. We can also help craft a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve the brilliant, beautiful smile you deserve. Contact our office to schedule your next appointment with us to get started on your treatment plan today.


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Dr. Le and the entire staff at Elite Dentistry are fantastic. I was recently told by another dentist that I needed to have two crowns replaced with dental implants. After reading so many great reviews online (including my insurance's website), I went to see Dr. Le. After a comprehensive analysis, Dr. Le explained that we could replace my current crowns and keep my natural teeth, which is always the ultimate goal.

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Kim Rozsa
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Elite Dentistry is a fantastic dental clinic that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Their service is outstanding and the staff is superb. The work they perform is life changing. If you want a dentist who is passionate about what they do, competitive in price, and who doesn't skip quality this is your place. If you take the opportunity visit Elite Dentistry you will be impressed.

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I just had my first consult with Dr. Michael Le. Very friendly staff. If you are cold in his office be sure ask for a blanket. It was warm, soft and comfortable. Looking forward to following my treatment plan. Thank you Elite Dentistry for accepting me as a new patient. It is nice to have a great dentist close to home.

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The name says it all. Elite Dentistry truly is the most Elite dentist office in Austin, and the best that I've ever been too. The staff is amazing and super courteous,prices are insanely fair and competitive, and Dr. Bowser is the only dentist I trust with my teeth. If you need a new dentist or a change from your current, DEFINITELY use Elite Dentistry!

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I’ve never been one to enjoy going to the dentist but I had such an awesome experience with Dr. Michael Le!! He is super easy to talk to and doesn’t pressure you/ make you feel awkward! So happy I found Elite Dentistry. :)

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