Advance dental technology

We are living in a digital era where technology is evolving and transforming every aspect of our lives. Advanced dental technologies are changing the dental industry and allow the dentist to provide an efficient and smoother dental experience to their patients.

With advanced digital scanning tools like X-rays and 3D imaging, dentists can accurately diagnose oral health within seconds and provide personalized treatment plans.

These advancements reduce uncertainty, improve treatment precision, and lead to more effective care. Additionally, technologies like intra-oral cameras allow patients to see and understand their dental conditions alongside their dentist.

Today’s imaging techniques minimize radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic quality and prioritizing patient safety.

This emphasis ensures a more comfortable and knowledgeable dental experience on accuracy, safety, and communication, which leads to greater results and a whiter, healthier smile.

Our Advanced Dental Technologies

At Elite Dentistry, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with dental technology to give you the best possible care.

Here’s a sneak peek into the tech we use to diagnose, treat, and prevent dental issues:

Lisa Class B autoclave sterilizer: Provides hospital-grade cleaning, ensuring safety from microbes and virus fomites.

Digital scanning X-rays: Cuts down on radiation.

Intra-oral camera: Enables you to see what your dentist is seeing so you can understand your case better.

Advanced 3D imaging technology: Gives you a comprehensive view of your teeth and bite, which helps us customize your treatment.

Caries ID system: Makes detecting cavities easier, especially in children.

High magnification loops and microscopes: Ensures that your restoration and dental work are done with the utmost precision.

Isolite technology: Minimizes aerosols and spatter to keep our working field clean, reducing the risk of contamination.

ShadeScan Teeth Color Reader: Helps create a uniform, natural-looking smile.

In-house implants and crowns: Improves durability while cutting down on costs.

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About Dr Michael Le

About the Author

Dr. Michael Le was born and raised in California. He graduated University California of Riverside with a Bachelor’s in Biology. He completed his Doctor Of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University in Arizona.

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