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Elite Dentistry Technology

Cutting Edge Dental Technology

State-of-the-art Dentistry in a Comfortable Technologically Savvy Environment
In today’s world, technology has enabled our society to make innovative progress in almost every aspect of our lives. Technology can virtually make just about anything more comfortable, more efficient, and easier to attain. Its use in dentistry, along with the progression of research, has evolved the way dental procedures and treatments are performed, the advancement of dental equipment, the creation of dental materials, and the manner in which dentists diagnose.

At Elite Dentistry in Austin, we have taken advantage of every technological advancement in regard to the many aspects the profession of dentistry entails. From our examine rooms to our dental equipment, our dental staff members make your visits at Elite Dentistry comfortable, safe, and efficient in a state-of-the-art environment.

Our Austin, TX dental office and the in-house lab are also comprised of the most modern technological equipment available in the dentistry profession.

Lisa Class B Autoclave, Hospital-grade sterilization to ensure your safety.
Digital X-ray- a sensor which uses significantly less radiation.
Intra-oral Camera- enables us to photograph the details of your mouth so you can see what our doctors are seeing.
Computer Monitors- enables our dental patients to view the x-rays and photos.
3-D Digital Panorex- produces a full detailed image of your entire mouth. It also enables us to get three dimensional views where it is necessary for your treatment.
Caries Id- assists us in detecting cavities at early stages. This is the only equipment that can detect cavities on multiple surfaces.
High Magnification Loops- your treatment is performed under high precision.
Microscope- your restorations are created under high magnification to ensure high precision.
Isolite – creates a suitable environment for precision dental treatment.
Shadescan – provides detailed information about the color of your teeth so your new restorations will match your existing teeth.
Pressed Ceramics- creates beautiful and strong restorations

Your comfort matter to us

In an effort to provide all our dental patients at Elite Dentistry with the best experience possible, we have designed our dental office to offer the ultimate in both comfort and convenience Our Austin dental practice features large private treatment rooms with European treatment chairs made from premium leather for your comfort. To ensure your experience with us is a relaxing one, we also provide soothing music in all our exam rooms, along with blankets and pillows for additional comfort. We also offer complimentary refreshments of bottled water, juice, tea, or coffee to all of our visitors. With confidentiality in mind, our consultation rooms were designed to discuss your dental treatments and finances with the utmost privacy and discretion.