About Dr. Le

About Dr. Le

Dr. Michael Le

Dr. Michael Le was born and raised in California. He graduated University California of Riverside with a Bachelor’s in Biology. He completed his Doctor Of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University in Arizona. After dental school, Dr. Le eagerness to becoming a better dentist led him to take numerous Continuing Education courses. As a dentist in the state of Texas, you are required to take 12 hours of CE to maintain your license. Dr. Le has taken over 100 hours of CE. Most of those hours coming from implant dentistry, oral surgery, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic. Dr. Le feels that it is his passion to stay ahead of technology and modern techniques in dentistry to provide better care to his patients.

Certifications/Professional Associations

Accredited Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Accredited Member of Academy of Osseointegration

Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Accredited Member of Academy of General Dentistry

Accredited Member of American Dental Association

Accredited Member of Texas Dental Association

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