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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Does just the thought of going to the dentist cause anxiety? Elite Dentistry can help!

Millions of people have a fear of going to the dentist. Some people actually never seek the dental care they need and others stop going altogether because of an unpleasant experience they have had in the past. What many of these people don’t realize is…not receiving the proper dental care can put your overall health and well-being at risk.

An important consideration our Austin, TX Elite Dentistry specialists take into account when our patients require any of our dental procedures is the fear and anxiety that they will sometimes feel. To ensure our dental patients have a comfortable and positive experience while visiting our dental office we offer sedation dentistry. At our Austin, TX dental practice we understand your fears, and offer modern dentistry techniques, along with sedation methods which will not only make routine visits and necessary treatments tolerable…they will also make them comfortable and more relaxed.

Our skilled specialist will offer you sedation options and help you choose the best one to suit your dental procedure so your treatment is an effective one, but more importantly, one that is relaxing and stress-free. At Elite Dentistry in Austin, TX you can rest easy knowing our dentists are experienced in administering all levels of sedation from light nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to oral and IV sedation. For our patients that means you can either be put to sleep for the duration of your dental procedure or choose to be mildly sedated. Choosing sedation for your dental procedures has so many benefits- patients can not only have work done safely and comfortably on their teeth while they sleep, sedation also eliminates having to endure continuous dental visits because your specialist can accomplish many types of dental procedures in just one day, or in some cases, even a few hours.

Why Chose us?

At Elite Dentistry in TX we understand that many of our patients are fearful of having a dental procedure of any kind- even if they desperately need it. Perhaps more importantly, our dentists understand our patient’s apprehension of being sedated by someone who isn’t qualified. That is why we encourage our patients to come in for a consultation prior to making a decision. Having the opportunity to speak with one of our specialists and learn about your dentist’s qualifications will make your decision an informed one and put your mind at ease. Your dentist will share their qualifications and experience, explain the dental procedure in detail, as well as the sedation options we offer. Whether you choose to be put to sleep, or only mildly sedated, you will know exactly what to expect before, during, and after your dental procedure.

Whether you need preventative, restorative, or cosmetic procedures, a skilled dentist at our Austin, TX dental office can provide you with a customized sedation to suit both your physical and emotional needs. At Elite Dentistry we truly believe that nothing should ever come between you and a beautiful healthy smile.