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Root Canals vs Dental Implants

Dental Implants | Root Canals

Chipped, damaged, or decayed teeth all require attention by a dental professional, but knowing when a tooth may be saved or needs to be replaced depends on a number of factors.

Nerve cells in a tooth can die for several reasons including from untreated tooth decay, years of heavy use, or from being knocked out. When nerve cells die within the tooth, an open cavity remains. This cavity is highly susceptible to bacterial infection which can spread to adjacent teeth. Such infections can lead to bone lost around the teeth, known as periodontitis. This disease can spread quickly leading to further damage in other teeth and requiring extensive treatment. That is why it is best to see a dentist and fix cavities and other harmful damage before periodontal disease can progress. Doing so saves you pain, time, money, and keeps other teeth healthy.

Sometimes a damaged tooth can be saved through a root canal procedure. Other times it is necessary to remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a dental implant. Our experts are trained to evaluate your unique situation to determine which procedure is right for you.

A root canal procedure requires thorough cleansing of the inner cavity in the center of the tooth. A dentist thoroughly removes all decayed nerve tissue, pulp, and harmful bacteria that has built within the chamber. Once the chamber is rid of all contaminants it is sealed using a paste and rubber compound. The seal forms a barrier against new infection. Medication may also be injected into the tooth cavity prior to sealing the tooth in order to remove any remaining infection within the tooth.

If the tooth is damaged beyond repair, a tooth extraction and dental implant is required. Dental implants serve as a foundation for your permanent replacement teeth by taking the place of tooth roots removed in the extraction. Dental implants provide the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, making them an ideal replacement alternative when a damaged tooth cannot be saved.

Whether you require a root canal or dental implant, a damaged tooth should be treated at the earliest available opportunity to prevent further infection and damage.

If you have a tooth or teeth which require attention, trust your treatment to Elite Dentistry! Our skilled and experienced experts will see to it that you regain your smile with smooth, affordable treatments tailored to you. Schedule an appointment with us today!